RxRelax... Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Made Easier!


RxRelax brings medical knowledge and research-based holistic practices together to empower you to make healthy choices and help reverse lifestyle disease conditions. Diseases like insomnia, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, pulmonary conditions, depression (etc.) lead to reduced quality of life and/or increased chances of morbidity and mortality.   

We research and summarize pertinent knowledge on health topics that are important to you, so that you can make lifestyle modifications with ease.  We share this information, plus best practices and simple-to-use tips developed through our years of experience via:

  • wellness seminars, 
  • CE programs,
  • therapeutic yoga training programs, 
  • program development and consulting, 
  • specialized coaching, and
  • audio materials.

Use RxRelax to make lifestyle changes easier and meet your health and wellness goals!